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We have most definitely enjoyed the (women’s basketball) season thus far.  As I said on Sunday this league was ran very efficiently and great competition. Thank you very much for putting this together! ★★★★★

Blanca Gonzalez

Very clean facility! Staff were nice and helpful. ★★★★★

Pamela Chant

Thank you all so much for your support of the 2022 Goodminton Tournament! With your help, it was a smash success! (pun intended 😉) We want to especially thank all of our volunteers for their help throughout the day and the Naperville Athletic Center for hosting us. We could not have done it without you! With your support, we fundraised a total of $2,816!! This money will go towards supporting the development of the Goodminton program and the promotion of our core values for our children: community, mental health, physical health, and mentorship. ★★★★★

Mrs. Kulzick & Miss Shannon

Great place for 1v1 learning basketball or baseball. Offer multiple options for full team travel if you wish. A hometown organization that is growing but most importantly the kids learn and have fun while crafting their skill for the future. ★★★★★

Chris Synal

We were looking for batting cages since I have been needing help with batting lately and we found the Naperville Athletic Center. These cages were very nice on the inside and outside and the employees were extremely nice. These cages have helped me to improve and play better. ★★★★★

Mia Spanier

Facility worked out great tonight! Staff was courteous and the kids had a blast. One of our best practices. Thank you! ★★★★★

Tim Blazek

Thanks again for getting us set up and rolling today. Logan loved every minute of his shooting session. And I’m loving how he fell right asleep. Getting up over 500 shots wiped him right out. We will definitely be frequenting your gym to get more shots up! ★★★★★

Jeff Oswald

I wanted to send you a message and tell you that we had a great time using your space yesterday. You have a really nice set-up: it’s bright, comfortable, friendly, and calm. I’m so excited to be able to collaborate with you all and promote your location. Have a great Sunday! ★★★★★

Maggie Kulzick

Very cool place plus lots of fun. Tony will take great care of you! ★★★★★

Steve Bluemel

Great place when Chicago springs prevent outdoor practices! ★★★★★

Stephen Braun