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The Naperville Athletic Center has a fitness area available for rental.

To book the fitness area:

  • Click the “Select an Appointment Type” dropdown and under “Fitness Area” select “Fitness Area Rental”
  • Select the date you would like to rent the fitness area on the calendar
  • Choose the time you would like. The time options show up in 15 minute increments, but the rental options are for 1 hour once the time is selected. The hour time block should show up on the popup and then you will need to click on the “Next” button
  • On the next page you will have to login to book, if you don’t yet have login info you will need to scroll down on that popup page and click on “Create Profile”
  • Once logged in follow the prompts to pay and book
  • If you have any questions please call 630-791-9454 or email